Lochaline Quartz Sand Ltd. 

Lochaline Quartz Sand Ltd.

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Lochaline Quartz Sand Ltd. makes two main products: LQS85 Silica Sand and LQS500 Silica Sand. LQS holds a stock of both types of sand in its warehouse in Runcorn in the North of England. However, our sand can be shipped or trucked directly from Lochaline according to customer requirements.

LQS85 Silica Sand

LQS85 is a high quality silica sand with low iron content and exceptional whiteness, unique among UK sand sources. The sand is often referred to as "Low Iron Sand". The sand is particularly suited for production of top quality flint glass and is valued for a range of other uses where consistent white colour and low iron content are demanded. The data sheet for LQS85 Silica Sand can be downloaded below.

A side by side picture of normal float glass and low iron glass made with LQS85 Silica Sand.

LQS500 Silica Sand

In addition to LQS85, Lochaline Mine has developed an additional sand grade: LQS500. This product is similar in appearance to LQS85, but it is not quite as white and its iron content is controlled at a slightly higher level. The product is a high purity silica sand suited for clear glass production and is also suitable for any customer who require white silica sand but for whom the iron content is not critical.  Data sheet for LQS500 can be downloaded below.

LQS85 and LQS500 side by side